You Can't Beat Our Cardiac Care Success

At HCA East Florida, we do a number on heart disease. We didn't earn our reputation as the region's leading system for comprehensive cardiac care based purely on our quantity of procedures. It's the quality of our cardiac care program that is truly at the heart of our excellence. From our experienced heart specialists to the area's most state-of-the-art technology and our superior continuum of support services, HCA East Florida hospitals lead the way in effectively diagnosing and treating cardiovascular disease. While the numbers don't lie, it is our comprehensive and compassionate care that has secured our place in the hearts and minds of many.

Count On Our Statistics

  • 1,140 open heart surgeries
  • 2,065 electrophysiology procedures
  • 6,422 minimally invasive catheterization procedures
  • 9,627 total cardiac procedures in 2010
*Statistics based on 2010 AHCA inpatient data.

Our Success Says It All

While our outstanding success rate can speak for itself, many of our patients can't help but share their heartfelt appreciation for our cardiac expertise. Each personal experience is the result of the proven experience of HCA East Florida's exceptional surgeons and staff. When it comes to comprehensive cardiac care, nothing succeeds like success.

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